How to Record a Crystal-Clear Interview: 10 Simple Tips

You’ve got your questions. You’ve got your equipment. You’ve got your interview lined up. You’re all set. Except, how many times have you gone through this motion, only to find out later that you missed half the conversation because of a low-quality recording? It’s okay. It happens to the best of us. Luckily, there are […]

Medical Transcription Outsourcing: What Should You Consider Before You Outsource?

Medical transcription outsourcing can be a major challenge for health care providers. The more stringent requirements of these transcription tasks require the highest level of skill and accuracy on the part of transcriptionists. As a result, it’s essential to outsource to a professional, reliable medical transcription company and to avoid companies that may produce substandard […]

Voice Transcription Software: When it’s Helpful and When it Fails

Voice transcription software has become more and more common in recent years. Also known as voice recognition software, these transcription programs convert audio materials into text transcripts for use in other applications or to provide added formats for more convenient access to the information. While great strides forward have been made in these software applications, […]

6 Reasons You Need To Have Your Site’s Videos Transcribed

Providing transcripts of the videos on your personal or business website is one of the best ways to boost traffic and increase your visibility online. Video transcripts provide added points of access for visitors to your site and allows you to promote your materials more effectively across a wider range of potential customers. Transcripts can […]

How to Outsource Transcription Assignments Successfully

Many companies require transcription services on an intermittent basis to handle recurring business needs. In order to outsource transcription tasks successfully, businesses should select an established transcription company with experienced staff and a good fundamental knowledge of the type of material in question. Most companies should perform some initial preparatory work before they outsource transcription […]

Using Dictation Services to Increase Personal Productivity

In today’s fast-paced global environment, maintaining productivity in the face of increased demands and perpetual change can be a challenging (or even daunting) task. Many professionals in the business world find it difficult to keep up with the constantly increasing work flow required in order to remain competitive in online commerce. In many cases, business […]

Choosing Between Medical Transcription Companies: What Factors Should You Consider?

Medical transcription is an essential part of the modern health care industry. Because these transcripts are often the basis for later decisions regarding the care and treatment of patients, accuracy and completeness are crucial elements of the medical transcription process. The wrong word or misheard term can make a significant difference in the health and […]

Automatic Transcription: How Often Does it Fail and How Much Will It Cost You?

Automated speech recognition software is a relatively new development that can produce transcripts of audio files for use in a variety of ways. The frequent errors associated with automatic transcription, however, dramatically limit its usefulness, especially in cases where accuracy and precision are of the utmost important (think medical transcription). Automated transcribing software cannot compete […]

Six Reasons You Need To Have Your Podcasts Transcribed

Podcasts can add a personal element to corporate blogs and websites, while allowing individuals to express their views more naturally and easily than other methods of communication. In order to provide the best possible access to this material, however, an accurate and complete transcript of the podcast should also be provided for visitors to the […]

Freelance Transcription vs. Professional Transcription: Five Reasons Professional Transcription is Always the Better Choice

Transcribing audio to text is a challenging task that requires specialized skills in order to produce the best results. Freelance transcription providers may offer lower rates for transcription, but typically lack the depth of experience, fluency and typing proficiency necessary to deliver a superior product. Choosing a professional firm rather than relying on unproven individuals […]