About Us


About Us

AudioTranscription.Org is a premier transcription service based in San Francisco, California, with hundreds of clients around the world. We offer everything from business transcription services to interview transcription. If you have audio or video transcription needs, we have likely transcribed similar files in the past.

We differ from our competitors in a few key ways:

We proofread our projects. We have an independent team (many of whom are retired newspaper editors) that proofreads our transcripts.

We have the world’s simplest pricing model. We offer upfront pricing, available here, and free speaker identification and time stamps upon request. There are no extra charges for accents, difficult terminology, many speakers, etc.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our results, we will redo your file(s) for free.
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We have had hundreds of clients, some of whom have left testimonials that we placed on the left. Additionally, KillerStartups.com had the following to say about us:

“A provider of transcription services of the highest quality, [AudioTranscription.Org]… leverages a network of transcriptionists and proofreaders that have been in the industry for years.”

“Reporters and journalists can turn to this service in order to have their interviews transcribed in a way that is both fast and effective.”

“Market research firms, conference holders, focus groups… can turn to AudioTranscription.Org whenever they need a quality service, and a service that is always timely too.”


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Phone: 1-800-6-VOICES (1-800-686-4237)

CEO’s Direct Line (we value customer service): 1-800-686-4237, ext. 700

Email Address: AudioTranscription.Org email

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