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Top-Tier Transcripts at Excellent Prices

When you need fantastic transcripts, hire us. Hundreds of individuals, businesses, and universities have.

Business Transcription

Businesses record audio files for all types of reasons — conference calls, focus groups, etc. When business owners want fast, accurate transcriptions, they contact us.

Online Transcription

We can handle every aspect of your transcription online — from receiving audio files to the delivery of text files via email.

Interview Transcription

Interviews are all about capturing every detail and our acclaimed interview transcription service is no different.

English Transcription

Our English transcription skills are broad. Whatever the topic, our team of transcriptionists can convert your files from audio to text quickly and accurately.

Video Transcription

We can quickly and accurately convert your video files to text, boosting your traffic from search engines if you put the transcripts on your website.

Voice Transcription

Whether you’ve dictated your to do lists, letters or even the first draft of your thesis, our highly accurate voice transcriptionists can turn your audio files into text files with ease.

Focus Group Transcription

Many important insights from focus groups aren’t apparent until you review transcripts. We can quickly and accurately convert your focus group audio to text.

Podcast Transcription

Your podcasts can’t be indexed by search engines, but their transcripts can. We can help you drive more traffic to your website by providing fast, accurate, inexpensive podcast transcripts.

Conference Transcription

We provide accurate transcripts, so you can provide them to conference attendees, the media and your website’s visitors.