English Transcription

Looking for high quality English transcription services that are quick, accurate, and affordable?

AudioTranscription.Org has all your transcription needs covered.

Maybe you run an internet marketing company, and you need transcriptions of audio interviews to complete a package you’re putting together for your customers. Or maybe you’re in the medical field and you have audio notes you’ve recorded that you need to have transcribed.

No matter what your English transcription needs are, you can rely on AudioTranscription.Org to transcribe all of your audio and video files quickly at a price you can afford.

Based out of San Francisco, California, our professional transcription service will transcribe your audio and video files into accurate written transcripts for your business or personal use.

If you’ve ever used another transcription service, you’ll soon see that AudioTranscription.Org is different from most high quality transcription companies in the industry. If you’ve never used a transcription service before, you’ll soon realize you don’t need to look anywhere else for your English transcription needs.

We guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your transcripts.

While most audio transcription companies require you to pay whether you’re satisfied with your transcript or not, AudioTranscription.Org guarantees you’ll be completely happy with your finished transcript. If you’re not satisfied with your proofread transcript for any reason, just let us know. We’ll redo it at absolutely no cost to you.

We can promise this because, unlike many transcription companies, we give you the option to have your transcript proofread for accuracy. That means we also send your transcript to our team of professional proofreaders to be proofread for accuracy, spelling, and proper grammar. This practice allows us to guarantee that your proofread transcript will be +98% accurate.

We’ll even give you a free look at what we can do to meet your English transcription needs. If you have at least five hours of audio you need to have transcribed, we’ll give you a free transcript sample.

Our options based pricing also means that you’ll get to decide exactly the services you want our company to perform for you. This not only means you’ll always know exactly how your transcription project will turn out but also how much you’ll pay for your transcript. You won’t find top-quality English transcription services at a more affordable rate.

You’ve finally found the transcription service you need. You can get started now by going to our get started page and uploading your files for transcription. If you still have questions, fill out our brief contact form today, and one of our account managers will contact you shortly to answer your questions.