CD Transcription

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If you have important information stored on CDs, you know what a pain it is to keep all those CDs organized and find a place to store them all. AudioTranscription.Org can help. Our CD transcription service will take all of your audio files on CD and create accurate transcripts of the information so you can keep all of it on your computer.

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Operating out of San Francisco, California, our professional transcriptionists and proofreaders make sure every transcript is done accurately, quickly, and to your satisfaction.

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We guarantee an accuracy rate of +98% for every proofread CD transcription project we handle for you. All of our proofreaders and transcriptionists are native English language speakers, so you can be sure your transcript will accurately reflect what was said on the audio, and that it will be free of grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors.

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More and more people are learning that AudioTranscription.Org is the place to go for all their CD transcription needs, and we want you to know it too. That’s why if you have more than five hours of audio you need transcribed, we’ll be delighted to give you a free transcript sample.

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