Legal Transcription

Attorneys and paralegals don’t have time for legal transcription. We can help.

You’ve got depositions, wire taps, trial dialogue, and other audio files that need to be transcribed. AudioTranscription.Org, an audio transcription company based out of San Francisco, California, has top-notch, professional audio transcriptionists who will turn those files into accurate transcripts. We understand that legal transcription requires great attention to detail and impeccable accuracy, and you’ll get both with every transcript we provide for you.

Our professional transcriptionists have decades of audio transcription experience between them, and you won’t find a higher quality, lower priced transcription service that consistently delivers accurate transcripts each and every time you’re in need of legal transcription services.

Our pricing is the lowest among the top-quality transcription services, and our accuracy and customer service can’t be beat by anyone else. All of our professional transcriptionists and proofreaders are native English language speakers, and when you hire AudioTranscription.Org for your legal transcription needs, your audio file will never be outsourced to a low-quality transcription service just so we can keep our prices low.

Our team of professional proofreaders takes completed transcripts and proofreads them for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors. Keeping a team of professional proofreaders on staff is something most transcription services simply don’t do, and it is precisely the reason we can guarantee a +98% accuracy rate for every proofread transcription project we complete

Free Transcription Sample

If you have more than five hours of audio you need to have transcribed, it’s our pleasure to offer you a free transcript sample so you can see for yourself the kind of high quality, accurate transcripts we provide.

We know how much work you have in front of you every day as a legal professional, and we’ve made it our job to make sure that transcribing your audio files is one less thing on your “To-Do” list. So, if you’re ready to get started and get your legal transcription done accurately and quickly by experienced, professional transcriptionists, fill out our simple get started form and upload your files.

Or, if you have any questions about the legal transcription services offered by AudioTranscription.Org, or about any of the other transcription services we offer, please contact us, so that one of our helpful customer service representatives can get in touch with you and answer your questions.