Interview Transcription

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your interview, so why would you trust just anyone to transcribe it?

At AudioTranscription.Org, a San Francisco based audio transcription company, we know how much time and energy you’ve put into your interview. That’s why we offer the most accurate interview transcription at the lowest prices offered by any of the top transcription companies. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here’s how easy it is to get your audio interviews transcribed into text:

First: You send us the audio interview files you need to have transcribed.

Next: Our highly experienced and professionally trained transcriptionists will do what they do best: interview transcription. They’ll listen thoroughly to your hours of audio interviews and will put everything they hear into an easy-to-read text file.

Then: Your new text-based interview transcript will be sent to our professional proofreaders, most of whom are retired newspaper editors or English professors, to be proofread for any mistakes.

Finally: We will send the completed interview transcript text file back to you.

So, why use AudioTranscription.Org for your interview transcription needs?

We know how important it is for your transcribed text to be both accurate and inexpensive. We’ve built our transcription company on a foundation of those two very important principles. We guarantee your proofread interview transcription files will always be +98% accurate.

We also promise that you’ll have full control over the services that we provide for you. That means that we won’t ever charge you extra for services your project doesn’t need. This also means you’ll always be told up-front how much your project will cost.

Only native English speakers will transcribe and proofread your audio interview files. Audio transcription companies that charge a very low price do so at the expense of the quality of your transcription project. They often send their work overseas to non-native English language speakers who, quite frankly, are just poor transcriptionists. At AudioTranscription.Org, however, we only employ highly trained professionals who have passed rigorous propriety tests.

Our transcripts are proofread for accuracy and clarity. Unlike most other transcription services, we send our transcript files to professional proofreaders who proofread the transcripts to ensure they are both accurate and clear.

We won’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied. If you’re not happy with the final text version of your proofread transcript, just let us know. We’ll redo it for free.

It’s easy to get started today. Fill out our contact form today to ask further questions or click to our get started page to upload your files.

Let us turn your audio interviews into the accurately transcribed text files you need today!