Phone Call Transcription

When you think fast and accurate phone call transcription, think AudioTranscription.Org.

Our customers think of us first because we always think of them first.

Accuracy, speed, and low cost are what our customers think of when they think about the professional transcriptionists at AudioTranscription.Org. The reason they associate accuracy, speed, and low cost with AudioTranscription.Org is because that’s what we give each and every customer who entrusts us with his or her transcription projects.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we know that for you to be satisfied with your phone call transcription project, it has to incredibly accurate, it has to be done quickly, and it has to be affordable. Because we’re located in San Francisco, California and hire only the best transcriptions, we’ve become known for our dedication to detail and our satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that your proofread transcript will be +98% accurate, and that you’ll be absolutely satisfied with it. If you’re not, we’ll redo it for free.

With AudioTranscription.Org, you’ll always have the ability to choose exactly the services your transcription project needs. That’s the basis of our options-based pricing model. You won’t ever pay for services you don’t explicitly tell us that you need. We promise.

We know that the phone calls you need to have transcribed contain important information, so we take extra care to make sure your transcript is done accurately and quickly.

We’ll even give you a free transcript sample so you can try us before you decide to choose us for your transcription needs. If you have more than five hours of phone call transcription you need to have done, we’ll happily give you a free transcript sample.

You don’t have to worry any longer about capturing the important information you heard on any of your phone calls. AudioTranscription.Org is here to make sure all of your transcription needs are handled by highly experienced and well trained professionals who all live and work here in the United States.

If you’re ready to get started today so you can have exact transcripts of all your important phone calls, visit our get started page to upload your files now. If you would like a few more questions answered, fill out our short contact form, and one of our account managers will contact you shortly.