Skype Transcription

Can’t handle all your Skype transcription? Don’t worry, we can.

Skype is a great way to communicate. You can say a lot through the online chat or Skype to Skype voice service, but when you need an accurate record of everything that was said in a Skype conversation, only one place specializes specifically in Skype transcription services: AudioTranscription.Org.

AudioTranscription.Org has been a major player in the audio transcription field, and we understand that accurate transcription requires time, training, and experience. Fortunately, our professional transcriptionists and transcript proofreaders have all three.

Operating out of sunny, San Francisco, California, AudioTranscription.Org handles everything from cassette transcription to Skype transcription and everything in between. With AudioTranscription.Org, you’ll get your transcript quickly without having to pay the outrageous, hidden fees other transcription companies charge.

No matter how big or how small your Skype transcription project is, you can have peace of mind with your transcription order because we allow you to choose exactly the services that you need. That means that we won’t charge you extra for services that you simply don’t require. You’ll always know exactly how much your Skype transcription project will cost and you’ll never have to guess and hope the price doesn’t exceed your guess.

We also guarantee your proofread Skype transcription project will be +98% accurate and that you’ll be completely satisfied with it, or we’ll redo it at absolutely no cost to you. You’re covered by such a bold guarantee because our transcriptionists and proofreaders have been transcribing and proofreading transcripts for years, and because we’re confident in their abilities to turn out grammatically correct, perfectly formatted, and error free transcripts each and every time they transcribe for you.

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We don’t want you to have to wonder about anything when it comes to getting a fast, inexpensive, accurate transcript of your important Skype conversation. That’s why, if you have more than five hours of audio you need transcribed, we want to give you a free transcript sample.

The best part is that we’ve made it easy to get started today. To send us your files right away, simply visit our get started page to upload your files. If you still have additional questions, simply submit our brief contact form and we’ll have one of our friendly account managers get in touch with you to answer your questions. It’s that easy, so why wait? Go ahead and let AudioTranscription.Org show you what we can do for your next audio file transcription project today!