Fast Transcription

It’s not impossible to be fast and accurate at the same time.

No matter what you need to have transcribed, we’ll transcribe it accurately and quickly without charging you a fortune.

Whether you need video, podcast, academic, or any other kind of transcription, we know you need accurate, inexpensive, and fast transcription. Those are precisely the qualities around which we’ve built our audio transcription business.

Located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, AudioTranscription.Org is one of the highest quality transcription companies around, and we offer transcription services at a very competitive price.

We’ll never charge you more for any service that your transcription project doesn’t need.  Many other transcription companies charge one high price for low quality services that you might not even need. We believe our customers should always have the ability to tell us exactly the services that they require and only pay for the services that they explicitly order. This means that you’ll always know exactly how much your transcription project will cost you.

When it comes to fast transcription experts, AudioTranscription.Org has some of the most experienced and highly trained transcriptionists in the industry. Our transcriptionists are more than qualified to transcribe your audio and video files for you. They transcribe files into accurate, grammatically correct transcripts all day, every day, so when we say they specialize in accurate and fast transcription, we mean it.

All of our transcriptionists are native English language speakers who understand even the most delicate nuances of the English language. At AudioTranscription.Org, we never send your transcription project overseas just so we can get a sub-par transcript done at a lower cost. We guarantee quality.

When you choose AudioTranscription.Org for your transcription needs, you can be sure that you’ll be extremely satisfied with your transcript. If for any reason you’re not happy with the work our transcriptionists have done for you, we’ll redo your transcript for free.

We’ll also give you a free transcript sample so you can try us before you decide you like us. If you have five hours or more of audio or video you’d like to have transcribed by one of our transcription experts, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to give you a free transcript sample at absolutely no cost to you.

Fill out our brief contact form today so one of helpful account managers can get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have. Otherwise, visit our get started page and upload your files to get your transcription project started now.