Speech to Text Transcription

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With such highly trained and experienced transcriptionists handling all of your speech to text transcription needs, you might think you’d have to pay top dollar for the top-notch transcription we provide. Think again.

AudioTranscription.Org, an audio transcription company operating out of San Francisco, California, offers the lowest priced speech to text transcription services of any high quality transcription company in the industry. We also guarantee your proofread transcript will be +98% accurate, and that you’ll be absolutely satisfied with it. If you’re not, we’ll redo it for free.

You can also rest assured that you’ll never be charged more for services that you don’t need. Our transparent and easy to understand pricing model allows you to choose the exact services that your transcription project needs, so you’ll also know exactly the price of transcription for your project.

We want to prove our quality to you before you decide to invest in our top-notch speech to text transcription service. So, if you have at least five hours of audio you’d like to have transcribed, we’ll give you a free transcript sample.

After you see what kind of quality we give you with your free audio transcript, you’ll have no doubt that we can handle all of your speech to text transcription with accuracy and speed.

Our transcriptionists transcribe files each and every day and have been doing so for many years, so they are incredibly fast at it. You could do all of your own transcription, but the hours you’ll get back by letting us handle your transcription needs for you will be well worth the small amount of money you’ll spend to have your transcript done correctly the first time around.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to get your speech to text transcription project done quickly and accurately by one of our professional transcriptionists. To have our transcriptionists start transcribing right away, upload your files on our get started page. If you still have questions, please submit them using our brief contact form and an account manager will respond with answers.