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We never send our transcription projects overseas to be done by people who may not speak the English language well or not have a full understanding of its many nuances. All our professional transcriptionists are native English language speakers and have all passed rigorous proprietary exams. That means you’ll never have to worry about your audio and video files not being understood correctly.

In addition to our exclusively native English language-speaking team, we also have a huge team of native English speaking professional proofreaders who proofread our internet transcription projects to make sure they are as clear and accurate as possible.

In fact, it’s because of our impeccable team of professional transcriptionists and proofreaders that we guarantee your proofread transcript will be +98% accurate. If you’re unhappy with your transcript for any reason, we’ll happily redo it for free.

We also guarantee that the final transcript you receive will be to your satisfaction. That’s because we let you decide which services we provide for your transcription project, so you know what your final transcript will look like and know how much the entire project will cost.

We’ll let you put our top-rated internet transcription experts to the test before you decide to choose AudioTranscription.Org to handle all of your transcription needs.

If you have more than five hours of audio you need to have transcribed, we’ll give you a free transcript sample so you can see that we’re serious when we say we offer the best internet transcription at the absolute lowest price.

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