Captioning Services

Tired of paying top-dollar for low quality captioning services? We’re here to help.

We see it all the time. Our clients come to us because they’ve paid way too much for poor quality captioning services, so they turn to us for help. AudioTranscription.Org, a high quality, low cost, audio transcription company in San Francisco, California, offers the best transcription services in the industry at a low price unbeaten by any other top-notch transcription service out there.

Our transcriptionists are experienced professionals, our rate is low, and our dedication to your satisfaction is paramount.

Each member of our team of professional transcriptionists has passed rigorous proprietary tests before being selected to transcribe for our company, so you can be sure every proofread transcript we provide you will be accurate and professionally done. That’s why we guarantee an accuracy rate of +98% for all our proofread transcripts!

We also guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with the captioning services we provide for you. If you’re unhappy with your finished transcript for any reason, let us know, and we’ll redo it at absolutely no charge to you.

All of our professional transcriptionists and proofreaders are native English language speakers and most of our proofreaders are retired newspaper editors and college professors, so they know what they’re looking for when it comes to proofreading your transcript for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors.

We never charge you extra for services you don’t need. In fact, we’ve built our pricing model to be fully customizable by each individual client because we believe customers should only have to pay for the services they need. This also means that all our clients know before they even submit an audio file for captioning services exactly how much their transcription project will cost.

We know you want to be sure that you’ll get high quality, accurate captioning services when you hire AudioTranscription.Org to handle your next transcription project, and we want you to be sure of this as well. That’s why we gladly offer a free transcript sample to anyone who has over five hours of audio or video they need to have transcribed.

We know that once you try our captioning services for yourself, you’ll be certain that you’ll never again have to pay high prices for low quality transcription.

The best part is that we’ve made it easy to get started today. To send us your files right away, just fill out our simple get started form. If you sill have additional questions, simply submit our brief contact form and we’ll have one of our friendly account managers get in touch with you to answer your questions. It’s that easy, so why wait? Go ahead and let AudioTranscription.Org show you what we can do for your next transcription project today!