Radio Transcription

No time for all the radio transcription you need to do? Let us help.

Radio is still a very relevant way for people to receive important information, but what if you want to remember the information that was broadcast on the radio? You’ll never have the time it would take to transcribe all of that information into text files that can be easily stored and accessed later. That’s where AudioTranscription.Org comes in. We’ll provide you with top-quality radio transcription at a price you can easily afford.

Operating out of San Francisco, California, the professional audio transcription specialists at Audio Transcription.Org will take all of your radio audio files and turn them into accurate transcripts that you can keep in one place and have access to whenever you need them.

Unlike other internet transcription companies, your transcript won’t be inaccurate or below industry standards. Furthermore, we won’t charge you extra for services that you don’t need. We’ve developed a simple and easy to understand pricing model that allows you to decide what services you need. This also allows you to know exactly how much your transcription project will cost up-front, so you won’t be blindsided by an outrageous bill like some other companies try to do.

All of our professional transcriptionists are native English language speakers who’ve been required to pass numerous proprietary tests to be considered to transcribe for our clients. That means, no matter what’s heard on your audio file, our professional transcriptionists will have a full understanding of what’s being said and will quickly turn your audio into a well-organized transcript.

We guarantee an accuracy rate of +98% for every proofread radio transcription project we complete, because your completed transcript will first be proofread by one of our professional proofreaders. Most of the professional proofreaders on our team are retired newspaper editors and college English professors, so you can be sure your radio transcription project will not only be accurate, it will be free of spelling, formatting, and grammatical errors as well.

A free transcript sample will show you exactly what we mean.

We want you to be as sure as we are that we’ll provide you with the highest quality radio transcription at the lowest possible price. That’s why if you have more than five hours of audio that needs to be transcribed, it’s our pleasure to offer you a free transcript sample.

We’re ready and waiting to start working on your transcript today. So, visit our get started page to upload your files and have our transcriptionists start working on them.  If you still have questions, visit our brief contact form and one of our helpful accounts managers will get in touch with you to answer your questions.