Audio File Transcription

Finding the most accurate and inexpensive audio file transcription service just got a lot easier.

High quality, low cost audio transcription is only the beginning of what you’ll get at AudioTranscription.Org.

While AudioTranscription.Org does offer the highest quality audio file transcription at the lowest price of any top-notch transcription company on the internet, we also offer so much more than that.

We offer peace of mind and a double guarantee. We guarantee that each and every proofread transcript we prepare for you will be +98% accurate. Every audio file transcription project we handle for you is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re not happy with your final transcript for any reason, we’ll redo it for free. No questions asked.

One of the reasons we can offer such bold guarantees is because we only employ some of the most experienced and most highly trained transcriptionists in the industry. For our proofread projects, we also employ a team of professional proofreaders, most of whom are retired English professors or retired newspaper editors, who apply their years of experience and training to ensure your transcript is as accurate as can be.

AudioTranscription.Org is located in San Francisco, California, but we’ve managed the audio file transcription needs of individuals and companies all around the world. We have years of experience and training and can produce transcripts as quickly as you need them.

You might think that being able to get an accurate transcript so quickly would cost you a pretty penny. When you use AudioTranscription.Org for your audio file transcription projects, however, you’ll find that our rates are low compared to comparable high quality transcription companies.

In fact, unlike most other transcription companies that charge exorbitant rates for services you may or may not require,  AudioTranscription.Org gives you the option of choosing  exactly the services that you need. We’re transparent with our pricing model and have designed it to be client-friendly. We’ve done this so you can hold us accountable for the services we agree to provide you, and, just as importantly, so that you can know, up-front, exactly how much your project will cost you.

Want to try our service before you decide we’re the transcription company you’ve been looking for? If you have more than five hours of audio file transcription you need to have done, it will be our pleasure to give you a free audio transcript sample. That way, you can know for sure how well our professional transcriptionists will transcribe your audio files.

The best part is that we’ve made it easy to get started today. To send us your files right away, just fill out our simple get started form. If you sill have additional questions, simply submit our brief contact form and we’ll have one of our friendly account managers get in touch with you to answer your questions. It’s that easy, so why wait? Go ahead and let AudioTranscription.Org show you what we can do for your next audio file transcription project today!