14 Ways to Help the Environment Right from Your Office

Just because we live in the technology age, doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of waste. The term “paperless” really just means you’re using “less paper,” and not that trees are free to live their lives in peace. This holds especially true at work. There are just so many ways to help the environment, […]

12 Ways to Be More Patient at Work

The office can certainly be a stressful place. Deadlines. Phones ringing. Meetings. Just the normal routine is enough to raise your stress levels. But when you don’t have complete control of your project, well, you can quickly lose control of your emotions. Patience is one of the hardest skills to master for any employee. Most […]

13 Easy Ways to Feel More in Control with a Bad Boss

There’s no such thing as a perfect job. Although if our super awesome boss here at AudioTranscription.Org is reading this, we obviously found the exception. ūüôā [CEO’s sarcastic¬†note: Thanks, Andrew!] A lot of people, however, are not so lucky and they’re far from happy in their jobs. We don’t just mean low pay, poor benefits […]

7 Interview Thank You Letter Tips that You Can’t Afford to Ignore

This post is part of our¬†CEO’s Corner¬†series. My brother recently had some grad school interviews (he got in!) and, following his interviews, we discussed how to write a great thank you letter for an interview. ¬†Here are the tips we came up with in that conversation — tips that I wish the people I interview […]

16 Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Work

Many of our clients work in an office setting. Whether it’s super corporate or crazy casual, the same temptations exist everywhere. It’s the donuts in the kitchen, the cheese puffs in the vending machine, or the huge cake celebrating a co-worker’s birthday. (That’s the third one this month!) Snacks are really hard to turn down, […]

277 Ways to Save Money

When money is tight, it’s time to save.¬† Just about everyone can benefit from saving a bit, including many businesses.¬† Continuing with our personal development series and in support of Audio Transcription‘s many cash conscious customers and their businesses, I present the world’s longest list of ways to save money. Save Money on Groceries (24 […]

79 Ways to Relieve Stress Right Now

I’m pretty sure this is the world’s longest list of ways to relieve stress immediately.¬† In preparing this list, I only sought ways to relieve stress that could be implemented on the spot.¬† Basically, when stressed, open this page, pick a number and destress.¬† I’d bookmark it now. A lot of our clients are extremely […]

The Top 101 Productivity Blogs of 2010

Welcome to our First Annual Top Productivity Blog List.¬† We know our clients are very busy people and we figured they could benefit from a few productivity gems, so we ranked the top 101 productivity blogs of 2010.¬† All it took was a lot of debate, internal voting and the occasional argument. ūüôā Without further […]