The Top 101 Productivity Blogs of 2010

multitaskingWelcome to our First Annual Top Productivity Blog List.  We know our clients are very busy people and we figured they could benefit from a few productivity gems, so we ranked the top 101 productivity blogs of 2010.  All it took was a lot of debate, internal voting and the occasional argument. 🙂

Without further ado, I present our winners, the top 101 productivity blogs of 2010…

  1. Lifehacker – A huge blog about lifehacks and software.
  2. Gizmodo – A massive website about consumer electronics and other topics.
  3. Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin founded Squidoo. He now posts here about business and productivity topics. This is one of the best productivity blogs.
  4. Lifehacker Australia – The Australian version of (it doesn’t contain exactly the same content).
  5. OnSoftware – A blog about software with some great productivity gems.
  6. 43 Folders – Merlin Mann’s blog about being productive so you can have the time to do creative work is one of the most popular and best productivity blogs.
  7. Zen Habits – The phrase “Zen habits” is almost synonymous with “productivity” on the web. Leo’s productivity insights are that good.
  8. How to Change the World – Legendary entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki’s blog is one of the best productivity blogs out there.
  9. Parent Hacks – How to be a more efficient parent.
  10. Escape from Cubicle Nation – A blog about leaving the Corporate World to start your own small business, and all of the productivity skills that transition takes.
  11. The Blog of Tim Ferriss – The uber-popular blog of Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author of The Four Hour Workweek, is one of the best productivity blogs around.
  12. The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin’s blog about carefully testing various theories about what it takes to be happy is one of the most inspiring and uplifting productivity blogs.
  13. Study Hacks – Cal Newport’s blog about how to study more effectively is one of the most useful productivity blogs.  About half the content isn’t specific to students.
  14. Lifehack – One of the best lifehack blogs out there. Surpassed only by the Lifehacker suite of productivity blogs.
  15. The Berkun Blog – Productivity, creativity and public speaking tips from Scott Berkun, a frequent lecturer at Fortune 500 companies.
  16. Presentation Zen – Tips to craft effective presentations by Garr Reynolds.
  17. LifeClever – Chanpory Rith’s thoughts on how to work more effectively as a designer.
  18. Unclutterer – One of the best productivity blogs about organization strategies.
  19. Web Worker Daily – Web Worker Daily spans the full range of productivity topics (normally with a tech slant). Their fantastic writers discuss everything from how to write more effective emails to how cloud computing can make you more effective. This is one of the best productivity blogs around.
  20. – Chris Brogan is a consultant for Fortune 500 companies on business communications technologies. He posts about productivity for both small and large businesses.
  21. The Chief Happiness Officer – An office happiness guru, Alexander Kjerulf, discusses his strategies. This is one of the best productivity blogs for improving your mood and outlook at work.
  22. Wild Apricot Blog – Productivity and effective business strategies with a slant towards small groups and non-profit organizations.
  23. Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog – Steve Pavlina is one of the best personal development thought leaders out there. He’s tried and blogged it all. One of the most amazing productivity blogs.
  24. How to Split an Atom – Steve Spalding’s blog about the nature of work and productivity in the 21st century.
  25. Copyblogger – A blog about writing great content for your website (not just the writing skills to do so, but the life skills as well).
  26. Academic Productivity – This blog’s title says it all; this amazing blog will teach you how to be a far more productive academic.
  27. Workplace Learning Today – The distilled version of a lot of ongoing research on workforce development.
  28. I’m an Organizing Junkie – When your life is in chaos, one of the best productivity blogs to check out is Laura’s I’m an Organizing Junkie.
  29. – Freelance designer David Seah explores and explains design and productivity.
  30. – Doug Belshaw writes about all types of subjects, productivity being one of his favorites. In fact, Doug recently created a series of videos that is definitely worth watching titled “Doug on Productivity” (hence why he’s on this list).
  31. All Things Workplace – A phenomenal blog about leadership in the workplace. Its author, Steve Roesler, will teach you how to manage teams effectively, making this one of the best productivity blogs for current and aspiring business leaders.
  32. Hack the Day – Amazing productivity tips, particularly from a tech angle.
  33. Persistence Unlimited – Brad Isaac’s great blog about setting and achieving goals.
  34. – A superb leadership and productivity blog from Michael Hyatt, the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.
  35. The Positivity Blog – Henrik Edberg’s positively positive blog. Henrik posts about happiness and productivity. One of the best happiness and productivity blogs in existence.
  36. GTD Times – GTD, or “Getting Things Done,” is productivity guru David Allen’s brainchild. Here, David and members of his staff share GTD tips and tricks. Well worth a read.
  37. Business Hacks – BNET’s Business Hacks blogs is much more Lifehacker (tech based productivity tips) than David Allen (better decision making as it concerns productivity). It’s full of great content and very easy to get lost in for hours.
  38. The Simple Dollar – A great frugality/productivity blog from Trent Hamm, a financial blogger who went through a “financial meltdown” in 2006 and bounced back in full force, documenting much of his journey.
  39. LifeDev – Glen Stansberry’s LifeDev is all about seeing your ideas through to fulfillment. At its core is the famous Edison quote that “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” We couldn’t agree more.
  40. – Thoughtful insights about life from motivational speaker Craig Harper.
  41. Ririan Project – The Ririan Project is less productivity and more personal development, with productivity gems tucked in there. Hands down a great read.
  42. HackCollege – One of the most fantastically written productivity blogs all about how to be more effective in college.
  43. Illuminated Mind – Jonathan’s blog is without a doubt inspiring. His aim is to help people “live passion-filled lives.” He focuses on personal development, productivity and helping people live on “their own terms.”
  44. – Jonathan Fields is a serial entrepreneur in the wellness space. He shares insights from his experiences in business and with his family, often about productivity.
  45. Pick the Brain – A top-of-the-line blog written by a team of four savvy productivity gurus.
  46. Knowledge Jolt with Jack – Dr. Jack Vinson’s blog is all about personal effectiveness and how to increase it. This is one of the best productivity blogs out there. I highly recommend diving in.
  47. Communicatrix – Colleen Wainwright is a self-described “big reader/self-improvement nerd.” She thankfully puts her life on display, from that angle.
  48. Clever Dude – Not strictly a productivity blog, the Clever Dude spans four different core topics: Family, marriage, finances and life. The Dude blogged his way through $113,000 in consumer debt. Listen to him carefully explain his mistakes.
  49. The Personal MBA – As you might expect, this is a business blog. What you might not expect is exactly how comprehensive this blog is. Josh Kaufman aims to give you a solid business education (including how to be productive and effective) without the MBA tuition. Nice work, Josh.
  50. Trizle – Trizle is by far one of the most comprehensive business blogs and best productivity blogs I’ve ever read — and it’s written with more than a dash of humor. It took me a matter of seconds to bookmark it.
  51. Simple Productivity Blog – The title of this one gives it away. Simple productivity solutions brought to you by LJ Earnest, a software engineer and mother with a knack for writing.
  52. Brip Blap – Join Steve, nicknamed “Brip Blap,” on his quest for financial freedom. He discusses self improvement and productivity as it applies to work and family life.
  53. – Steve Olson’s blog is about achieving personal freedom. On that journey, he often discusses productivity. Visit Steve’s blog as he chronicles his experiences on his “quest for personal freedom.”
  54. Jeri’s Organizing and Decluttering News – Top notch tips from a professional organizer. Jeri Dansky is all about using creative tools to help you declutter effectively.
  55. Matt’s Idea Blog – This one’s a bit different. Matthew Cornell isn’t a productivity expert; instead, he’s a productivity experimenter. Follow along with Matthew as he figures out what works and what doesn’t.
  56. Productive Flourishing – A philosophy PhD student and former National Guardsman shows you how to be productive in business and life outside of business.
  57. Get Organized Wizard – Michele Connolly, the founder of Get Organized Wizard, has created a great organization blog. She’s not shy about her blog’s or her company’s aim: “From Procrastination to Action”
  58. Wise Bread – Predominately a world class personal finance blog, Wise Bread also often covers lifehacks.
  59. Get Everything Done – Mark Forester is the author of three great books about time management. He blogs on the subject between writing books. Highly recommended — one of the best productivity blogs around.
  60. Dumb Little Man – This blog spans both financial literacy and personal productivity. It’s certainly not as “dumb” as it suggests.
  61. Lyved – This productivity blog spans a number of different arenas — family, business, entertainment, etc. Even better, it does so with a welcomed positive tone. It’s definitely a pick-me-up blog.
  62. Productivity 501 – A great productivity blog that addresses the topic from technology, organization and time management angles.
  63. Learn This – Leadership, personal development and productivity tips from Mike King, an electrical engineer (and, incidentally, a mountain unicyclist — chew on that).
  64. Genuine Curiosity – It’s Dwayne Melancon’s genuine curiosity that makes this blog so appealing. He explores various productivity aids, often with a tech slant.
  65. Frugal for Life – Primarily a frugality blog (which is clear from the title, of course), there are occasionally ways to save time tucked away in there as well.
  66. Thinking Faster – This blog couldn’t be more dedicated to the “work smarter, not harder” mantra.
  67. The Bamboo Project Blog – Social media consultant Michele Martin’s blog about personal and professional development, with a whole section devoted to productivity.
  68. Creative Organizing Blog – Aby’s posts about organization and organization techniques are fun and engaging. She’s intent on helping her many readers “create real and lasting change” in their lives.
  69. Smart Productivity – A Getting Things Done (GTD) blog with a slant towards software. Scott Karstetter is a software engineer, so it only makes sense, of course.
  70. Effective Time Management – The Effective Time Management blog delivers exactly what it sounds like it would: An ever-expanding list of ways to manage your time. Active for five years, this is one of best productivity blogs around.
  71. – A personal development/productivity blog written by Dragos Roua, a serial entrepreneur from Romania.
  72. The Clutter Diet Blog – Lorie Marrero has created what she calls the Clutter Diet. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A way to declutter so that you can save time and accomplish more. She posts organizing tips to her phenomenal blog a few times a week.
  73. Virtually Organized – One of the world’s premier organization and productivity blogs. Debbie, the blog’s author, is all about easy-to-implement tips, which this makes this blog a fantastic addition to your productivity arsenal.
  74. Delightful Work – Tom Volkar’s blog is all about finding a path towards work/life balance. Productivity, of course, is a key part of finding that balance.
  75. Get Organized Now – An excellent organization blog. Extremely comprehensive and often quite funny.
  76. My Bad Habits – Dr. Newby-Clark is a psychologist who studies habits. If you’re interested in a far more scientific look at productivity than what some of his blogging colleagues offer, Newby-Clark’s blog is for you.
  77. PluginID – PluginID is short for “Plug into your identity,” which aptly describes what this self-discovery blog wants to help its readers accomplish. Nursed to blogging maturity by two young bloggers, it’s now run by a high schooler who explores his productivity and goal-setting victories and failures out in the open. A great read.
  78. HD Biz Blog – Stephen Smith’s productivity blog delivers time management and organization info along two fronts: Work and home. Check out his blog for insights about how to get more done, especially if you’re involved with a small business.
  79. – Patrick Hone’s blog is ad-free and the epitome of minimalist. He has productivity and personal development advice to share with the world and that’s intentionally about all you’ll find on his blog.
  80. Surviving College – If you’re a college student, this is one of the best productivity blogs for you to read. Written by a recent UC San Diego grad, it covers productivity in college and how to survive and flourish in many classic college situations.
  81. – Spanning a number of different topics, Brian Kim’s blog bills itself primarily as a self improvement blog. Occasionally, Brian posts gems about getting more done.
  82. Life Reboot – This blog isn’t about making minor changes; it’s really about reinventing yourself as a more productive, focused person. Amazing. One of the best productivity blogs out there.
  83. Abundance Blog – Marelisa’s Abundance Blog is all about creativity, productivity and making the most of everyday.
  84. Your Life. Organized. – Monica Ricci focuses on the uber-tangible side of organization (less theory, more doing). She makes great product recommendations to make the most of limited space. She’s on this list because decluttering is a major component of setting yourself up to be productive.
  85. Even Happier – Through his writing, blogger Marco Adragna aims to make his blog’s readers exactly what his blog title states: Even Happier. Marco covers various topics related to happiness, including time management.
  86. The Organized Life – The Organized Life uses the word “organized” differently than most other organization blogs; quite frequently, blog author Emily Wilska discusses organizing your mind (getting rid of distractions and stressors) so that you can focus on the things that matter. She also covers more tangible forms of organizing like implementing a mail processing system. A great, multi-faceted look at the topic of organization.
  87. Marc and Angel Hack Life – Marc and Angel are a couple that consistently post quality information about productivity and, more broadly, personal development. Their lists of tips are just phenomenal.
  88. Think Simple Now – Think Simple Now is a blog that “addresses real-life personal issues” from the perspective of personal development. It aims to only offer simple solutions, believing that the Internet is already far too overloaded with information.
  89. Ian’s Messy Desk – Though this blog is called “Ian’s Messy Desk” (contrasting the many organization blogs on this list), don’t let that fool you. Ian is a productivity genius, and this is one of the most helpful productivity blogs around.
  90. Right Attitudes – Nagesh Belludi’s blog focuses on effective interpersonal relationships, frequently discussing productivity in the process. The blog covers everything from how to remember names to former General Electric CEO Jack Welch’s preference for acting quickly.
  91. That College Kid – A blog about a variety of college topics, including productivity as an undergrad. Always written with the fun voice of a college student, this is one not to miss.
  92. Life Hackery – A great lifehack blog, including everything from “normal” lifehacks to lists like “50 Great Things You Never Knew you Could do with Tennis Balls.”
  93. Life Optimizer – A great blog about personal growth. There’s a reason this blog has a pretty massive following; it’s one of the best productivity blogs you can find.
  94. Litemind – This blog focuses on using one’s mind efficiently. It’s less concerned with the typical lifehack approach to productivity and more concerned with decision making and mind hacks.
  95. Urban Monk – Ignore the name. This blog is a keeper. Written by an Australian entrepreneur, this personal development blog has a spiritual twist. Definitely worth a read.
  96. Get More From Life – Scott H. Young is on a mission to make sure his readers “get more from life” — and he’s doing a fantastic job. He focuses on everything from how to speed read to how to be alert in the morning without caffeine.
  97. Biz Plan Hacks – Small business owners and employees are busy. Biz Plan Hacks tries to reduce chaos within small businesses by providing helpful business hacks. It’s one of the most useful productivity blogs for small businesses.
  98. The Queen of KAOS – Jan Ferrante fills a special niche on this list. She focuses specifically on how to be productive while working from home. Be sure to give her a read.
  99. – Alex Shalman is a busy dental student and a long time productivity and personal development blogger. He has an established history delivering great productivity insights to his readers.
  100. Change Your Thoughts – Steven Aitchison believes that you should “live the life you were truly born to live” and apparently about 15,000 subscribers agree with him. Steven skillfully blogs about changing your thought processes and getting rid of negative thoughts. While doing this, he often discusses productivity.
  101. Did I Get Things Done – A classic Getting Things Done (GTD) blog for a reason. This blog by Andrew Mason is one of the best productivity blogs out there and is not to be missed.

Did we get it right?  As always, you tell us.

4 Comments to The Top 101 Productivity Blogs of 2010

  1. November 19, 2010 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

    Oh well… perhaps next year.

  2. November 19, 2010 at 2:25 pm | Permalink

    Good choices, some obvious ones (LifeHacker, Seth’s Blog, Zen Habits, Copyblogger), but I’m also glad to see The Happiness Project, Chris Brogan, Jonathan Fields, Illuminated Mind, Dragos Roua, Litemind, Pick The Brain, among others.

    I would also add: The Art of Nonconformity, Lateral Action, The Smart Passive Income Blog, Man vs. Debt, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs, Tiny Buddha, A Daring Adventure, Itty Bitz…

    Hmm, I could probably write my own top 100.

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