How to Outsource Transcription Assignments Successfully

smiley facesMany companies require transcription services on an intermittent basis to handle recurring business needs. In order to outsource transcription tasks successfully, businesses should select an established transcription company with experienced staff and a good fundamental knowledge of the type of material in question. Most companies should perform some initial preparatory work before they outsource transcription tasks in order to streamline the process and avoid any misunderstandings or mistakes.

  1. Define the task. Producing transcripts of business meetings or conferences requires a different skill set and vocabulary than that required for online video transcriptions; however, the basic process typically remains the same. By clearly defining the nature of the work to be done, small businesses and larger companies can ensure that the right skills are available to produce fast, accurate transcriptions of their video and audio materials.
  2. Work to a schedule. Most companies only need to outsource transcription work periodically. By setting up a regular schedule for accomplishing these tasks and establishing a relationship with a reliable transcription company, administrators can more accurately plan upcoming work requirements. For instance, if the corporate website uploads new videos once each month it may be advisable to schedule transcription work on those videos to occur before the videos are uploaded. By adding videos and transcripts at the same time, companies can save on IT costs and improve customer satisfaction with their sites.
  3. Aim for perfection. While no operation is perfect, transcriptions of business materials should be as accurate and complete as possible. In most cases, it’s advisable to outsource transcription work to a reliable and experienced firm in order to preserve the company’s professional reputation and enhance its public image. The accuracy of the transcripts reflects directly on the credibility of the company, so aiming for perfection is vital to producing the best possible results.
  4. Accessibility of information. In some cases, the transcripts of various proceedings are useful references for future corporate operations. Administrative staff can more easily find the information they need in written form, especially if the transcript is delivered in computer-readable formats; this can save valuable time and provide additional data during future decision-making processes. By ensuring that the information contained in the transcript is correct, complete and easy to access, the company can reap benefits well into the future.

Maintaining accurate transcripts of important company proceedings and online video content is essential in order to compete effectively in today’s business environment. By choosing an established, reliable transcription firm to handle these tasks, companies can preserve the quality of the company’s image and the efficiency of its operations both now and in the future.

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